It is in the FAO 700 maturation group.                        
The number of maturation days as silage is 100-105 days.*                    
Germination and soil offshoot strength is very high.                        
Leaf structure is semi-vertical.                        
Ration of leaves and cobs in the silage is high.                        
Perfect cob structure is noteworthy.                        
Under ideal conditions the raw protein content of silage is 8-9% and the starch pecentage is 30% at harvest.                        
Adaptation capacity is very high.                        
The staygreen characteristic at maturity is very good.                        
The priority use purpose is 1st product silage. It is ideal for post grass second product plantings.                        
Planting interval is recommended as 13 cm above row* 70cm between rows.            
It has no soil selectivity.

The performance of the variety may vary according to the climatical conditions, cultivation practices and soil types.