Sweet Corn

Macaron F1

Macaron is a mid season (77-81 days), super sweet corn (sh2) hybrid.
Very strong plant and resistant to lodging.
Average plant height is 210-220 cm and first ear height is 70-80 cm.
The ears are cylindrical in shape and very attractive.
Yellow kernel color and good tip filling.
Ear length is 21-23 cm and ear diameter is 5.6 cm.
Average number of rows 16-18 in a diameter.
Average kernel depth is 11-12 mm.
Taste is very good.
It has very good kernel alignment.
Very quality ears and high yielding potential.
High adaptation ability for stress conditions.
Field holding capability is very good before pre harvest.
Long shelf life after harvest.
Suitable for both processing and fresh market.
Resistant to Common Rust.
Moderate Resistant to Northern Corn Leaf Blight.

*The performance of the variety may vary according to the climatical conditions, cultivation practices and soil types.