Research Development

MAY is aware of the fact that research and development of the new varieties adaptable to Turkey and to the target international market is the basic principle of competitiveness. Therefore, MAY Seed fears no sacrifice for performing a competitive breeding and product development system compatible with internationally applicable standards in the field of breeding vegetable, field, industrial and forage crops and product development. May Seed is conducting breeding activities for Hybrid Maize, Hybrid Sunflower, Cotton and Garden Beans.

Bursa-Yenişehir Research Station is used for breeding of vegetables and field crops and for maintaining purebred seed stock; Hybrid Maize and Cotton breeding activities are conducted in the Eastern Mediterranean Research Centre; Sunflower breeding activities are performed in the Thrace Research Centre and the Garden Bean Breeding activities performed in Bursa Yenişehir Research Center.

Fully-controlled greenhouse capabilities enable the company to continue breeding activities year round period and speed up product development processes.

Furthermore, breeding activities are performed during winter period and genetic purity testing as well as off-season raising of parental line are realized in the Central and Southern Hemisphere countries such as Chile, Argentina, Mexico and South Africa.