Related Parties in Environmental Management System

Definition of Related Party Expectation / Requirements
Shareholders / Stakeholders Profitability
Effective Communication and Information
Organization Adopting to Development
Competent Personnel
Team Work
Employees and Their Families Safe and Health Working Environment
Equality of Opportunity
Social Rights
Education and Carrier Development Opportunity
Effective Access to Work-Related Technical Data
Being Appreciated
Appropriate Working Conditions
Technology Utilization
Customers / End Users Fast and Correct Delivery
High Quality
Fast Problem Solving
Flexibility/Competency to Meet Special Requirements
Environmentally-Sensitive and Friendly Production Processes
Suppliers / Subcontractors Efficient Description of Work/Material / Correct Data Flow
Safe and Health Working Environment
Information on the Rules to be Observed In the Working Environment
Local Administrations
(Municipality, Neighborhood Representative)
Conformance to Local Management Rules
Effective Waste Management
Public Institutions and Organizations
(Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Provincial and District Directorate of Agriculture / Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Provincial Directorate of Environment, Ministry of Labor and Social Security, SSI, Fire Department, Bursa Water and Sewerage Administration (BUSKI), Tax Offices, Ministry of Finance, Gendarmerie, etc.)
Conformance to Legal Requirements
Effective and Timely Legal Notification
Effective Tracking of Legal Amendments
Neighbors Effective Emergency Management
Preventative Actions Against Hazards
Noiseless Working
Effective Waste Management
Universities and Educational Institutions Approach Supporting the Student’s Development
Cooperation in R&D Projects
Organized Industry (for Adana Facility) Effective Waste Management
Effective Shipment & Vehicle Plan
Noiseless Working
Effective Emergency Management
Effective Informing on Non-Routine Activities
Preventative Actions Against Hazards