Human Resources


Considering the human resource as the most significant value,

Developing the HR system and processes that will carry our employees’ efficiency to the highest level,

Ensuring continuity of employees’ commitment and satisfaction,

Forming a corporate culture capable of dynamic, innovative and team work,

Acting under the sense of responsibility against society and ethical values in all of our activities and practices,

Regulating all rights and responsibilities in accordance with laws,

Acting according to equal opportunities principle by avoiding language, religion, race and gender discrimination,

By avoiding any discrimination, respecting employees’ freedom to be a member to a labour union and association that they select themselves and national laws permit.


Becoming a company which is preferred in the sector and selected for employment thanks to its innovative and sustainable HR practices.


The recruitment system of May Seed ensures recruitment of the candidates with the required qualifications and competencies in parallel to our company culture in order to realize our vision, mission, basic business objectives and policy& strategies.

AThe candidates are found and selected by assessment of potential internal human resources and/or cooperation with professional network websites.

The candidates are firstly assessed by HR team in terms of acceptance of their behavioural competence. Then they are subject to technical competence assessment by unit managers. If the interview consisting of face-to-face discussion, personality inventory and determination of foreign language level is completed successfully, the reference control which is the last step is realized. All potential candidates having completed all these processes successfully are submitted “Wage and Vested Benefits” and a job offer.

Following the interviews, the candidates who aren’t selected for the related position receive negative feedback and they are informed personally about the result of recruitment process.

Thanks to the notices made to candidates during recruitment process, May Seed HR team was granted the Award “Respect to Human” in the last two years successively.


May Seed considers improving the employees’ personal development as one of the most important axes of HR policy.

For our employees who have newly joined MAY Family, the training period starts with orientation and on-the-job training. Shortly after starting working, each new member of our family is subject to company orientation and division orientation as well as on-the-job training prepared on the basis of position in our headquarters.

Our existing employees participate in trainings, seminars and workshops under the framework of annual training plan defined in line with development needs every year.

MAY Seed executes it training system with the professional support from external organizations and also enriches it via e-learning and 20 internal specialised trainers that MAY Seed itself educates and this system is increasingly being strengthened.


Cultivated by the principles of open communication and continuous feedback, MAY Seed’s performance management system consists of assessment of business outputs that our employees produce and their behavioural competencies that they exhibit while performing the work in line with corporate objectives and strategies. The data included in performance matrix constitute an input for each employee’s total income, career and personal development.

The innovations creating high performance and values are appreciated and awarded within Appreciation and Awarding systematics apart from the performance management system.


MAY Seed’s wage system is built upon the levels defined by the job assessment method .

The supplementary parameters supporting levels constitute the total of wage.

We are adjusting our wage policy in accordance with the economic developments and the results of wage researches carried out by the participation of a great number of other organizations.

MAY Seed offers its employees the vested benefits such as performance premium, sales premium, vehicle, service, food, food voucher, telephone line, laptop, tablet, health insurance, personal accident insurance, private pension insurance etc. according to their levels and positions.


MMay Seed offers averagely 60 students attending agricultural faculty the opportunity to do their internship in the company every year. MAY Seed selects the intern students by interview and sees them off by performance assessment. It also keeps primarily their records for the future positions.

MAY Seed not only provides the opportunity for compulsory internship but also contributes highly to technical development of students attending agricultural faculty thanks to AKADEMAY Project.

Joining AKADEMAY Project by meeting the required criteria, the second-grade students of agricultural faculty have the chance to get prepared for the sector by working in a different technical unit actively every summer. Thanks to the non-refundable scholarship provided to them during winter period and their possibility to be recruited after 3-year period, these students also find the opportunity to get a start in business life in a well-prepared way.

Another student improvement program developed for agriculture engineers and agricultural technicians is «Business Skills» Project. In this program, students improve themselves technically, gain economic income, meet sector leaders and attend the trainings given by specialised trainers just before entering the sector.

MAY Seed’s cooperation with students and universities isn’t limited to these. It welcomes many faculties for technical visits and also it pays a visit to faculties, career days and special seminars with its expert employees.


MAY Seed’s career management is built upon two basic processes, e.g. Skill Management and Substitution Management.

Our employees who satisfy the required criteria to join MAYSKILL CAMP are announced at the beginning of every year and involved in the skill development program.

In substitution management, substitute positions are created for certain critical positions in order to ensure uninterrupted operation and they are involved in substitute development program.