MyFiber and MyFiber Plus are special brands that we have developed as a result of our cotton breeding activities, where we position our cotton varieties with high yield and high quality fiber values, offering high profits to farmers, ginning businesses and textile industry professionals.

We invest in continuous development to offer varieties with high fiber quality that our farmers can safely plant and sell with high profits even in harsh conditions and that ginning businesses and textile industry professionals can safely buy as well as offer high yield potential and high fiber quality varieties to the Turkish and international markets.


The cotton varieties we offer under the umbrella of MyFiber meet at least 3 of the main fiber quality criteria listed below, under suitable growing conditions.


The cotton varieties we offer under the umbrella of MyFiber Plus meet at least 5 of the following main fiber quality criteria under suitable growing conditions.

MyFiber Plus Main Fiber Quality Criteria:

  • 01 Upper Half Mean Lenght (UHML) is to be 30 mm and/or more;
  • 02 Fiber strength is to be either 31 g/tex or higher in the “very durable” group;
  • 03 Micronaire (MIC) is to be in the range of 3.8-4.9 (mm);
  • 04 Spinning Consistency Index (SCI) is to be over 140; and
  • 05 Color grade is to be in the range of 11-21-31-41.

MyFiber Plus Additional Fiber Quality Criteria:;

  • 01 Trash / Leaf Grade (Tr ID) is to be a maximum of 5;
  • 02 Short fiber Index (SFI) is to be less than 5; and,
  • 03 Fiber uniformity ratio (Un) is to be greater than 84%.

**Our MyFiber and MyFiber Plus varieties may differ depending on regional climatic and maintenance conditions.


MyFiber Varieties