Social Responsibility

May Tohum Tarihçe

AKADEMAY is a student improvement program initiated by MAY Seed in order to introduce the sector and business life to the future agriculture engineers and to provide added-value to their improvement. Through this program, MAY selects and trains its potential employees who know corporate culture and corporate processes and their performance is monitored.

The second-grade students who satisfy the criteria for participating in the program work like an engineer actively during three-month summer season for consecutive three years provided that they are assigned in a different technical unit every year. This gives them the opportunity to put the theoretical knowledge that they learn during their education life into practice on site and via an expert team’s support.

These valuable students whose performance is evaluated and English language level is tested every year are granted a non-refundable scholarship for the winter period according to their success in performance evaluation.

May Tohum Tarihçe

Also, the students who complete the program by satisfying the expected criteria are particularly employed in the fields where they are apt in accordance with the corporate recruitment plan.

AkadeMay graduated its first students in 2014 and MAY Seed has already employed all of 7 students having graduated from the program.

With our student having joined our program from Ukraine in 2014, AkadeMay student improvement program expanded overseas.

Thanks to the support of universities and students, AkadeMay is increasingly growing into a social responsibility project .